Bike Safety Rules

Bike riding is pretty adventurous! It’s one of the best exercises for all people- children, adults, males and females. It’s a source of pleasure, but not entirely free from risks and dangers. You may experience serious injury besides your bike damages, if you ignore the thing of your safety while cycling. So, this is a vital issue. You shouldn’t forget the following 10 bike safety rules that can keep you and your bike free from common risks, and the rest is your destiny.

1. Take a Quick Bike Test

Before you ride, this is the unavoidable work you must do. Check the important parts like brakes, wheels, tires, gears, chain etc. Make it sure that the “quick release wheels” are precisely secured. Be assured that the brakes have no serious failure possibility. Don’t forget to check that the tires are sufficiently inflated. And another vital thing is to check the sensitive joints whether they are tightly screwed or a little bit relaxed!

2. Adjust Bicycle Accurately

Is your bicycle adjusted properly? Are your saddle and adjustable seat post in a comfortable position? If confused, then check again and make sure the precise adjustment according to your body size and feeling of comfort.

3. Assure Your Head Protection

When you are riding, the most vulnerable part of your body is head if you fall down by any means. It’s the most important part of a human body. So make sure the possible protection of your head wearing a helmet.

4. Move like a Car

Drivers are used to follow other drivers’ patterns. This is a dangerous thing to weave in & out of traffic! To be safer, you need to be more predictable all the way especially where the traffic is dense. So, closely check for traffic and be responsive of traffic around you.

5. Look and Give Signals Closely

See closely whether other drivers near to you are giving any signals. And, when you are giving signals, then use hand signals to let other drivers and cyclists know where exactly you’re going. Look, and then make an eye contact. Don’t presume drivers will stop.

6. Follow Traffic Laws and Lights

Your safety as well as image of bicyclist depends on you. You have the identical rights and responsibilities as a driver has described in laws of different countries regarding drivers. Obey traffic signals and stop signs. Ride with traffic; use the rightmost lane headed in the direction you are going. Undoubtedly, it’s an unavoidable rule and thus has got listed as one of the 10 best bike safety rules.

7. Get Free From Distraction

Sometimes many cyclists hear song using earphone to be energetic or to get more fun while riding. But, it distracts your mind, which is very dangerous. Avoid listening to music or talking on the phone while you are riding.

8. Go with the Traffic Direction

Always go with your bike in the direction of traffic. Never think of sudden change of direction unless there is enough space or necessary rules and techniques followed.

9. Stay Alert Always

This is to be maintained always. Look obstacles in your way and avoid them carefully. Do it very closely if the road is hilly or it’s a rough trail. In every possible way be alert while riding especially in too traffic or through rough road.

10. Always Stay Visible

If you are seen by the drivers, you are less likely to be hit by them. So, always try to be visible to others. Use lights while biking in low-light conditions at night.

Last Words

Cycling is fun and good exercise subject to safety. If you are a beginner, it’s mandatory to know the rules and precautions at first and then start riding. If you are an experienced cyclist, then it’s your responsibility to follow the rules and safety measures when riding.