Boating with Electric Duffy Boat

Newport Beach – every vacationer’s dream! This coastal oasis with its amazing sights and sounds is just perfect for anyone who is looking to enjoy some memorable experiences with family, friends, and loved ones. Having a good time in Newport Beach is all about knowing where to find all the fun. And for those who wish to experience excitement and adventure while basking in the glory of California’s gorgeous coastline and oceanic beauty, there can be no better option than going for duffy boat rentals in Balboa Island, Newport Beach. You can make your moments truly special by celebrating your vacation time on an electric duffy boat. Let’s find out more:

About Balboa Island at Newport Beach

Having fun at Newport Beach is all about seeking out the hidden tourist gems that this place has to offer and Balboa Island definitely tops that list. The Marine Avenue of Balboa Island is one the most interesting places you will find in the region to spend your time. Specialty boutiques and sidewalk cafes, local shops, galleries, restaurants and even an amusement park that was established in the 1930s – they all give a very unique flavor to the area. But any trip to Balboa Island is simply incomplete without an electric duffy boat voyage.

About electric duffy boats

For those who don’t know about them, an electric boat is basically an 8-10 passenger seating, a sturdy little boat that is designed for you to enjoy the best of the Californian waterways. Usually designed with patio styled décor, you can choose a duffy electric boat to enjoy an amazing day of fun with family and friends while taking in the breathtaking sights of the sun and seahere at Balboa Island, Newport Beach. And best of all – you get to be the captain of the ship, steering the vessel as you cruise around the waterway for as long as you want. When it comes to getting the best of the Californian coastline, electric duffy boats are the best option you can go for. You can plan a memorable few hours on a boat – pack a lunch, carry some chilled beer or champagne and even have party music playing as you and your family chill out through the day with the amazing sea breeze keeping your comfy. The photographers and nature lovers in your gang will also have a great time admiring the beautiful sights offered by the Balboa Island waterways. Most rental service providers offer extra facilities as well including a CD/DVD player, ice-box for storing drinks, amazing food options and a whole lot more.